Dear Wes

Dear Wes,
Today you are 10 months on the dot! (What the heck, kid? Quit that growing stuff already!) You still have rolls on your forearms and your ankles that would suggest we put elastic bands around them, meaning you are still very much deserving of the nickname, Chubby Dubby. That can only be attributed to the fact that you eat more than your brother and dad — combined! I think macaroni is your favorite food based on all the yelling that is involved for more even after you've scarfed down a pan.
Every morning you like to snuggle in bed with me, your dad, and brother to sing a lovely rendition of "Patty Cake." The way you flick your hands to and fro trying to roll the dough is the best part. Whenever we are all laughing at a joke, you make sure to add in your hearty, fake laugh that just makes everyone laugh even harder.
You have only your two front teeth. I like to think you are celebrating Christmas early, and I think the gap between your teeth when you give us a gummy smile (which is pretty much most of the time) is the cutest thing around... especially paired with the aforementioned laugh.
I love to watch you sleep. It reminds me of the day you were born and that you are still my teeny tiny baby. The way you suckle while dreaming sweet dreams makes me want to kiss those perfectly puckered lips. And just last night, I walked in to take a peek at you and you had your head perfectly placed on a square plush toy just like a pillow. It's those little things.
Pulling yourself up on everything is currently your jam. (And finding the dog food, no matter how stealthily it has been removed.) For some crazy reason, you've decided the bathtub is the best place to pull yourself to a kneeling/standing position, which also illustrates that you have an adventurous spirit about you.
You love to nurse. I am convinced you will want to breastfeed until you are five if I let you, and since that won't be happening, it's delightful to cherish those moments, just you and me. Your eyes are as piercing as crystals when you look up at me with those long lashes brushing along your eyelids. Most of the time you like to sit your foot on my chest and kick it back and forth so it makes a "pat, pat, pat" sound on my skin. And you will occasionally rub your eyes with your foot as well. Yes, you are wacky and silly and that is precisely what I love about you.
Even from just a few weeks old, I knew you had a strong sense of conviction and determination. It's the Scorpio in you, and I immensely look forward to the person you will grow to be. I can't wait for the deep conversations we will share, to see your zest for life in the spark of your eyes, and to watch your life all unfold as you accomplish your dreams. I know you have big things in store, Wes. It's written in your stars.
I love you so much, my darling boy. Never, ever forget that.
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