Build A Washi Tape City Using The Best Toys

Build a Washi Tape City
The upside of having bare walls is the opportunity to create amazing play spaces with its wide open canvas. We haven't bothered putting anything on the walls or tried to completely furnish our place because a) we are renting and b) buying huge pieces of furniture stresses the bejeezus out of me! Anyway, we decided to utilize those sad, lonely walls to build a thriving metropolis from washi tape and this awesome block set, which I think are some of the best toys for little creators.
Build a Washi Tape City
Like any good mother, I found this KidKraft block set from the toy emporium available online from Target, because Target makes dreams come true. They have different themes to choose from for whatever type of play you want to focus on, and we were honing in on move and imagine.
What better way to move and use your imagination than building a city from washi tape!
Here is what you need:
KidKraft block set
3-4 rolls of different colored washi tape
Toy cars
The directions are pretty straight forward. We started by making an outline for the entire city by taping it off on the ground. (Sidenote: if you have carpet, lay down a large piece of cardboard up against the wall.) From there we created skyscrapers on the wall with three different colored tapes, varying them in height. Next, we made the road by zigzagging black tape, and then finished with making buildings and parking slots with the remaining colored tape. (Remember to add the little details like windows and road dashes to make it more dimensional and fun!) Lastly, we assembled buildings and tunnels with the blocks to complete the construction of Luke City. (For the record, Luke is an excellent mayor and strictly enforces no pants and 3-day weekends — he's got my vote for life!)
Build a Washi Tape City
Build a Washi Tape City
This activity was waaay high up there on the fun charts for Luke. He played and scooted around for the longest time, rearranging all his little cars and blocks, thinking up different ways to drive them back and forth. I suggest adding this one to your list! (Especially for those rainy and winter days coming up!) Cheap, adorable, and will keep the kids entertained for hours.
Here are some other fun ideas from the toy emporium in case you would like more inspiration! Happy building!
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