Boy Or Girl?

Like I said before, that feeling in my gut tells me it's a little girl, although that could just be wishful thinking to have one of each. I really am just pining for those frills and bows, though. It takes all my rational, straight-thinking will power to walk past the girls' section at the store. And 93% of the time when I can't help but stop, I reallllly have to tell myself to not buy those darling pink shoes, or that romper set that is $3 on clearance because I think it is a girl and even if it isn't a girl I am surely going to have a girl someday and $3 for that outfit is just too good to pass up and I could always give it away as a gift if I change my mind anyway. Yes, those are the rambling, run-on sentences that cram my mind. And it gets progressively worse each time we are out and about, so I think it's high time we get this gender thing in the bag!
Our official doctor ultrasound isn't for another 2.5 weeks, but for the sake of my sanity (and Matt's so he doesn't have to hear me hypothesize about how I just feel it in my bones that it's a girl, only to rebut it with, "it's a boy") we are going to one of those ultrasound only places. I hear they have big screens and couches and actually enjoy in the splendor and glee of the thrilling moment of the gender reveal, instead of the ogreish, terribly unenthusiastic announcement from the grouchy ultrasound tech at the doctor's office.
And let me list off the reasons why I think it's a girl.
a) I feel like my belly is much more more sticky-outy in front this time around
b) The morning sickness with this one has been wayyy more intense, and I even still get random bouts of it now in my second trimester (that most certainly was not the case with Luke)
c) My hormones are making me bat-s*** crazy. Seriously. I don't have any other way of putting it. I am pretty sure that only a female growing another female can make you this breed of kooky-looney-certifiable-crazy
d) They say girls suck the beauty out of you, and let me tell ya, I have wrinkles and acne galore and my hair is already starting to fall out in front!
e) This pregnancy just feels different
So, now that I have convinced you it's a girl, I want your votes! What do you think? Boy or girl?