Baby Items We Passed On

   Being a first time mom can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to baby products and what you need to buy for your little one. I've spent countless hours (ok, if you probably added up all of the hours I've spent, it would probably be weeks or a month) researching this shit and looking on Pinterest. And there are plenty of baby products out there that you do not need or can pass on, but that's totally up to you. I figured I'd share with you some of the things we passed on.

  1. Owlet Monitor- I sooo wanted this but it was just too pricey and out of budget for us and no one got me one at my baby shower. Plus, I've read that babies (or at least some) don't like things like booties on their feet and would keep kicking the owlet booty off, which then makes it useless and a waste of money.
  2. Changing Table- Rory's room is small, but it's not like she needs a huge room anyway- especially since we plan to move in like 3 years. So I thought a corner changing table would be perfect. Eventually, we decided to nix the changing table altogether and I'm so glad we did because we wouldn't need it anymore once she outgrew it and she really didn't have enough room in her room for one anyways. We bought a changing pad and changing pad covers and will place her on that on the floor for diaper changes. Another smart move is if you are already planning on buying baby a dresser, put the changing pad on top of the dresser.
  3. Wipe Warmers- I've heard these are a total waste. They dry out wipes and it gets baby too used to having warm wipes that they cry and flip out when you have to actually use a cold wipe on their bottom (like say if you are out in public and need to do a diaper change?).
  4. Baby Carrier- I'm still going back and forth in my head on this one. As of right now we have passed on it because I'm only taking 8 weeks maternity leave (if I still get my c-section, otherwise it's 6 weeks). So after that, I return to work and Rory will be at daycare all day. I'd say I think these are more useful and worth the money if you are a stay at home mom, work from home, or are taking your baby to work. But I might end up getting a cheap one because it would be nice to be able to be holding Rory hands free while feeding the dogs, taking the dogs potty in the yard, doing dishes or laundry or what not while I am on leave and when I am home from work and on the weekends.
  5. Diaper Pail- Some people say it is a must have because it hides the odor and some people say you can just use a regular trash can. I think this one all depends on how many times you plan to actually empty the trash can if you are going that route. See, I have to clean the dog room every day or at least every day that we have to go somewhere (whether that be an errand or work) because my dogs have issues. So I end up cleaning up whatever mess they (or one of them) made and put it in a grocery bag and put it outside. We figured if I'm already cleaning up messes and taking them out everyday, why can't I just do that with the baby too? And not to mention we have an amazing garbage/ trash service on our street that actually comes to pick up trash twice a week and lets you put up to 6 big trash bags of garbage each time.
  6. All of the Cute Clothes- Baby clothes are so freakin' cute but babies need so many because they grow out of them so quickly! You could easily end up spending way too much on baby clothes, especially if your baby skips a size or grows out of a size so quickly that they didn't get to wear half of the outfits you had bought for them in that size. I had sooo many cute baby clothes pinned that I was set on buying for sure but then I got to realistically thinking. So I'm going to wait at least until she is 1 before I start really buying her tons of cute outfits (like the ones that are a little more pricey or that I'd like to see her wearing for more than a few weeks or few months). But don't get me wrong, Rory has tons of cute outfits, I'm just not going to go overboard.
   Hope this helps! What are some baby items you passed on?

   We just have to get through today and tomorrow and then it's the weeeeeeekend!!!