And We're Having...

[The ultimate stinkface! I have a feeling we might have to get used to this look for the first few weeks...]
Oh boy, it's a boy!
The good news is that I know how to do the boy thing. We've got it down pat! And we are over the moon thrilled to get another little rascal! Luke and the little guy are going to be best buds, regardless of that monster stinkface that would suggest otherwise (I kid... he was just being grumpy and I thought this actually made for an entertaining photo in light of the happy news!).
The bad news is that my gut needs a tune-up. Pun intended. But seriously, I really truly thought it was a girl, however I learned a very valuable lesson that every pregnancy is just plain different, no matter the gender! Duly noted.
Can I tell you how much my heart swelled seeing that cutie pie on the 20 foot screen? All of his precious fingers and toes were wriggling, and his face was and is the sweetest. Ahhh, I just can't wait to meet and snuggle the babe into the nook of my neck and nuzzle my nose into that delicious newborn scent. It's crazy how much you miss it, and how fleeting and tender those moments and days are with your little ones.
Now we have to figure out a name, which is a problem since Matt and I exhausted our lists in a matter of 30 minutes and couldn't agree on a single one. Not one! And this stresses me out, big time. Names are important! Boy names are the hardest, aren't they? Wish us luck, or this kid's name might end up legally being Bubba!
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