A Random Thing Or Two-sday

 Dress: Gap Maternity ( similar). Scarf: LOFT ( similar). Booties: Kohl's. Bracelet: LOFT. Watch: Fossil.
1) I am scratching and itching for the fall season. And not just because half my cold weather clothes contain wool in them. This outfit is my way of blending the still warm San Diego weather with hints of fall. Also, I will take one of everything that includes pumpkin in the recipe, especially this hot chocolate and this cake.
2) Fact: A "buttload" is an actual measurement of volume. It is the equivalent to 126 gallons ( source).
3) Get used to me linking to the video of the 'NSYNC reunion at the VMA's at least once a month. I am still freaking out inside and watch it every day. And I am not sure when or if I will ever stop. Things like that really can bring a girl pure joy.
4) So, I literally peed my pants one night while we were on our Utah vacation. Full blown, wet drawers. We were playing a game at my brother's house, whereupon I started laughing hysterically and before I knew it I was screaming, "Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! I think I am going to pee! No wait... I am peeing! Eeeeeeeaaaaaaappppp!" I sprinted to the bathroom in the most awkward of pregnant waddles, but by the time I arrived to the toilet the damage had been done. I'd sprung a huge leak, one envious of a toddler learning to potty train. On my sweatshirt went around my waist, and I came out to a family audience -- half laughing at me, the other half mortified with secondhand embarrassment. All I could muster was a, "Welp guys, I just peed my pants!" and I started laughing too. I mean, what else can one do in a situation like that? It's not my fault my bladder muscles have shriveled to crap because a 2 pound baby is sitting on them. Such is pregnant life.
5) Speaking of embarrassing moments, would you rather pee your pants in front of an audience of 100,000 people or have a booger dangling from your nose your entire wedding day that nobody bothers to tell you about?
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