A Random Thing Or Two-sday

Old Navy Striped Shift Dress
Forever 21 Paint Splatter Cap
Converse Chuck Taylor Low Sneakers
1. This is my soccer mom outfit. Meaning, this is the outfit Luke, Wes and I played soccer in with a 2 inch ball. Luke is fantastically talented at kicking the ball in a straight line. He was more accurate than I was! Not sure that is saying much, but I think the boy has a future in the sport. Also, this outfit is comfy and good for mom duties in the heat. (Yes, it has been in the 80s here! Phoooey!)
2. Fact: By the age of two, a baby has had their diaper changed an average of 7,300 times. With the average speed of each diaper change at around two minutes, that would add up to three 40 hour work weeks ( source)!
3. I went ahead and looked to see who won The Bachelor before watching it. I feel like it got a little boring toward the middle anyway, and I am WAY more excited about the next Bachelorettes! Yes! Plural! I am #teamkaitlyn for sure.
4. Today we are headed to Ojai for an overnight trip with some friends! It's going to be three gals and four babies out exploring! I've been wanting to go to Ojai for years now, and we are finally making it happen. You can follow along our quick adventure on Instagram!
5. Would you rather have silly string fly out of your nose whenever you sneeze or squirt orange juice out of your mouth whenever you yawn?
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