A Little Home Refresh

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Last week I shared tips for picking art and our new gallery wall as part of our little home refresh for the New Year, and this week I want to share a couple of new items we received, which make all the difference! (Especially as a renter with little control over home updates and changes.)
Drum roll, please...
New cookware and bedding! Yes, it's that simple, but it makes a world of difference in feeling more updated.
Let's start with the cookware. We used our non-stick Cuisinart cookware we received for a wedding gift up until the beginning of this month. In May we will be celebrating our 7th anniversary, if that puts it into perspective for you. The stuff was scratched, and peeling, and anytime I made a light colored sauce you could see black flakes in it. Yuck!
$100 Kohl's Gift Card Giveaway
Ever since starting my food blog and deciding it was time to start cooking like an adult, I wanted stainless steel cookware. I was stoked when I found this BergHOFF 10-piece copper clad set from Kohl's. The reviews were sparkling, and I got it on mega super sale! Think $169 mega super sale for something that is worth over $300. I've been using them for a month now, and they cook like a DREAM. Truly, a dream! Smooth, evenly distributed heat. If you are thinking about getting new cookware, just do it already. I have said to Matt, "Why didn't we get these sooner?!" over 10 times. Easily.
$100 Kohl's Gift Card Giveaway
Next up is bedding! The home blogs finally convinced me I need all white bedding. Mostly in the name of bleach, because we have two little boys and dirt smudges are inevitable. Guess what?! They are right! We bought this quilt set, these sheets, and this bed skirt (also on mega sale from Kohl's). I've already bleached those suckers—twice!—and they wash up nicely, still look brand new, and are extra soft. I also love how calm and clean they make our bedroom feel. We still don't have a lot of furniture in the space, so it helps it look more pulled together.
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