A Day In Salt Lake

Consider any posts while I am here in Utah as a grand photo dump.
We spent the last day with Matt's family gallivanting around Temple Square in Salt Lake City and taking pictures like we were part of the wedding factory that is the Salt Lake Temple. Because I am pretty much that person that is always like, "Okay guys, let's take a picture!" So sue me. This girl is making memories by the memory card full.
I don't have anything particular to say other than my family is awesome and I love them. I'll let the photos tell the rest of the story because A) I am using my parents' computer to edit my photos and format my posts and the screen is so huge I keep getting dizzy and feel like I am going to fall off the chair if I stare at the screen any longer and B) a picture is worth a thousand words!
P.S. For all of you that asked where my shirt is from in my last post, I got it from Anthropologie, and it is my favorite non-maternity maternity shirt on the planet.
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