$500 Back To School Giveaway

Pencils | MacBook Pro | Erasers | Photo Paper
Cue this song, because one of you lucky folks is about to win a $500 e-gift card to Kohl's or Best Buy! The 10 lovely bloggers below (myself included) and Coupons.com have teamed up to bring you our must-have back to school essentials and this marvelous giveaway.
Above are the things we are in need of for our "back to school" haul (Luke does plenty of learning around here!). Colored pencils and paper, a new computer (I am still using the beastly white model from 2007... yowza!), some shnazzy erasers that double as toys, and photo paper so I can print all 5,249 pictures I take of Luke each week. Sounds like the ultimate back to school stash to me!
We also wanted to let you know that even though all your kiddos are back in the swing of things with school, there are still those trailing items, clothes and supplies that need to be picked up! And if you are anything like me, you don't buy anything without it being on sale or a coupon in hand. You're in luck! There are tons of back to school coupon codes to use that will save you a grip load and make that $500 gift card stretch even further.
Be sure to check out all the different posts for back to school shopping inspiration to Kohl's and Best Buy and then enter to win your own shopping spree in the widget below! Good luck!
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