5 Things I Wish I Had Known About Breastfeeding

Sometimes I wish life had directional pamphlets for all of its experiences and stumbling blocks. I can picture it now — a HUGE wall (in someplace like Home Depot, preferably next to all the paint color swatches) covered with glossy handouts for all of life's most probing questions. I'd be lined up in the "Mom" section for sure, particularly taking interest in the breastfeeding and toddler instructions.
Welp, consider this post my contribution to the "Mom" pamphlet wall. It goes out to all the new, expecting, and not-yet-but-someday mamas needing to know some basics about breastfeeding that hardly anyone bothers to tell you until it's too late. (And you are in the bitter throes of mastitis!) Come see the whole list over here on What To Expect!
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