5 Simple Exercises To Get Rid of Love Handles

5 Simple Exercises To Get Rid Of Love Handles
Becca is back sharing her best fitness exercises! Today she is telling us how to blast those nasty love handles so we can get ready for bikini season. Be sure to follow her on Instagram for daily fitness tips, and check out her last post about how to tone a post-baby belly. Take it away, Becca!
So, I want to pose a question, why is it we call "love handles" just that? LOVE handles? I mean, who REALLY "loves" them? Not me, thats for darn sure. As women, we are prone to have certain "trouble areas" where we gain the most fat and where it is the hardest to get rid of. One of those areas is our lovely "love handles" (that no one loves). Here is a workout that will help to tone up that area. Be sure to do this workout along with a healthy diet, cardio and other full-body strength exercises for maximum results!
Exercise 1: Standing Side Leg Raises (with a weight) - 15 on each side
Start in a standing position with your feet apart and your hands directly over your head, arms slightly bent.
While lifting one leg, drop the weight to the same side and "crunch" in the middle. Then drop the leg back down. Try to not place the leg you lifted completely back onto the floor, instead try to just tap your foot and then raise it back up again. Keep this as fluid and continuous as possible.
Exercise 2: Side-to-Side Jumps - 20 (each side for a total of 40 jumps)
Start in a plank position, keeping head neutral and back flat.
Keeping your legs together, hop your feet over to one side and up towards your hands.
Hop back to the starting plank position.
Now, again, keeping feet together hop over to the other side.
Exercise 3: Side Plank Dips - 20 each side
First off, these can also be done in a modified position with your elbow and forearm on the floor instead of balancing your hand. Start off in a standard side plank, balancing on your inner foot with your hips off the floor. Try to keep your body in a straight line and have your shoulder in line with your wrist.
Now dip your hips down, then bring them back up again. Continue this motion.
Exercise 4: 180 Squat Jumps - 15 each side
Start in a standard squatting position, holding a weight is optional.
Now jump up and turn 180 degrees, landing in the same squatting position. Jump back the other way again and keep going back and forth landing in a squat.
Exercise 5: Spider Man - 15 sets
Start in a plank position.
Lift one leg up with a bent knee and try to tap the outside of your elbow.
Go back to the starting position.
Lift the opposite leg up and out and tap the outside elbow.
Go back to the starting position again.
Lift one leg and cross it through and over the its OPPOSITE arm.
Return to the starting plank and then lift the OPPOSITE leg and pull it through to the OPPOSITE arm. This rotation was ONE rep.
If you find these exercises too easy, or too difficult, you can always add more or less sets, or more or no weight. —Becca
Becca is wearing the Love Racer tank in neon pink and the Go Capri leggings in Cobalt from Albion Fit.
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