4th Of July, Brought To You By The Rodriguez Family

This 4th of July is going in the books as one of our favorite holiday celebrations. We woke up at the crack of dawn to catch the ferry from the Broadway Pier at San Diego Harbor to Coronado. Luke spent the entire time oooing at the military ships and the gorgeous panorama of the city.
Coronado was buzzing with activity. Chairs lined the streets, flags and patriotic colors flooded the senses, and the smell of hot dogs floated on the air. We walked, ran, stuffed our faces with said hot dogs, and waved our flags with all the vigor we could muster as the veterans and soldiers marched through the streets.
After much-needed naps, we ended the night with burgers and a trip down to Del Mar to watch the fireworks. Luke clutched on for dear life to the collar of my jacket for the first couple of booms, but decided the explosions illuminating the night sky were actually pretty great by the end.
Independence Day, you were grand! We love our country!
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